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SEO & SEM: Helping your Online Business get on the Top



Nowadays each company wants to be #1. But it is not that easy to be on the top without hiring Best SEO Company, who can help you to grow your business and get it on the first page of SERPs. Entrepreneurs are confused to choose between SEO and PPC. Both of them will help you to be on the top page. The main difference is that SEO is totally free while PPC is fully paid.

PPC gives instant results but it is temporary while SEO is a slow process but it lasts longer. So if you want instant results you can go for PPC or else you can choose SEO. Sometimes SEO experts choose both SEO & PPC, depends on their strategy.

Improve Organic Traffic with SEO

If you go for SEO, be patient. SEO is slow process & long-term strategy so patience is a must. You can’t be on the top overnight. Let’s have a look at the advantages of SEO:

  1. Improve CTR: Click through rate can be improved with the help of SEO.
  2. Help to win the trust of customers: On-site optimization will help you to get more clicks over paid ads.
  3. Zero Cost Per Click: SEO gives you traffic and that too at Zero cost while in PPC, you have to pay for each click. No matter user stays for a sec or a minute, you will be charged the same in PPC.
  4. Stability: SEO will give you stable result while if you choose PPC, you will be on the top till your paid campaign is running and there is sufficient balance in your Google AdWords account. You can be on top for a long time even if you stop SEO work. Ranking won’t drop suddenly because the efforts of best SEO Company will pay off.
  5. Help to increase Organic traffic and once you achieve the top position and fix numbers of monthly visitors, it will be tough for rivals to beat you with the help of PPC.

Instant traffic with PPC

Choosing PPC can give you on the spot results. You can be on the top of the SERPs overnight. But that position is not permanent, it is your temporary position. Once the campaign is stopped, you will not be on top anymore. You have to pay continuously to be on the top which is costly and not affordable.

  1. You can track the targeted keywords performance with the help of Google Analytics and accordingly modify the strategy if needed.
  2. PPC provides the option to control your budget. You can start, pause or stop it anytime.
  3. PPC shows your ad on the top of SERPs above organic results instantly. It won’t take 3-4 months like SEO.

The main disadvantage is that even Best SEO Company will also ask you constantly for cash to run PPC campaign which seems extremely expensive. You are on the top of SERPs till you are investing, once you stop campaign or balance is nil in the account, the campaign will stop.



It causes confusion to any amateur mobile app development company to make a wise selection between android and iPhone application development. It is difficult to target a single OS as both of them have their own pros and cons. It seems like Apple steals the show from both, users and developers viewpoint. This must arouse excitement in your mind for discovering areas where Apple beats Android.

Better User Interface and User Experience

It can be undoubtedly stated that innovations are at the core of Apple and they always bring something innovative and enhance user experience. This way they beat Google too as at the end of the day Google remains a search engine whereas Apple is a developer.


Every platform has their individual update launch style. Talking about Android, its updates are available to specific OS version which is a minimal portion of a big image. Also it is to be noted that Google cannot force any particular company to send updates as it is no longer building Android versions but rather outsourcing source codes allowing them to build it by them. Due to this reason, many Android smartphones employ old versions of software.

Junk Apps

There are a lot of junk apps existing in Android phones and they might put user’s confidential data at risk. These applications are practically of no use to users but still they exist. As opposite to this, Apple users are safer as user’s data safety is given priority.

Strong Backup

After-sales support of Apple is very strong. iPhone users can easily get their issues solved by approaching nearest apple store while Android users have to depend on respective device care store to get their issues resolved as the company’s manufacturing handset differ. When a single company is in-charge of handling everything, the support is obviously going to be better.


Apple’s own messaging feature iMessage is an amazing feature so far which allows users to exchange messages without requiring installing any application, which only works with Apple devices. Google has launched similar apps, namely Hangout and Allo but it has not surpassed the popularity of iMessage yet.


It is not unknown to users that Apple and Google both collect user data and have their own privacy policies to utilize them. Google made it near to impossible for amateurs to come up with personal applications and upload them in app store.

Discussing about app upload which is usually done by Mobile App Development Company, Android apps are easily uploaded on Play Store while iOS apps undergo rigorous procedure before they are approved for App Store. This states the high security standards of Apple.

Segmented Android Market

Based on OS versions and devices, Android market is widely segmented. These devices are generally used by laymen who are not ready all the time to switch to latest device. Study shows that less than 1% Android users switch to currently launched handsets. Furthermore, these devices are divided according to screen resolutions.

Advance Developer Tools

The development procedure of iOS apps is quite different than Android as they undergo strict testing procedures before they are deployed to App Store or made available to users.

Irrespective of high cost of devices, it is a food for thought why people prefer iPhones or invest in iPhone Application Development from one of the best mobile app development company. If you are looking for one of the best company for SEO or mobile app development, we are here to help you out. Reach us now and get your Free Quote soon.

Boost up your Business with Digital Marketing


If online existence of business is lifeline then digital marketing is like blood flow to it. Owning a business without digital marketing is like opening a shop and not letting anyone know. It is inevitable to make your online presence felt though branding and promotion over net. Not only for large businesses, it is equally vital for small and medium businesses too. Even for people who choose to work from home and not have any website or app can earn a large figure just through the medium of advertisement online.

The term digital marketing has evolved to its full extent through the affordable, flexible and customizable approach of SEO and SMO. With proper guidance, your business can excel to new heights and achieve new milestones without making it tough for you to adopt complicated and expensive strategies. Hitting target audience is getting simple and easier so you must not miss the chance of business growth strategy which not only gains you traffic but can convert them into leads.

Online Marketing is more to an investment and less to the expenditure for business owners. Here are the top reasons you must go for it:

Level up your Impression

The main idea of marketing is to appear attractively in the eyes of target audience, regardless of the way it is done, traditional or online. Unlike traditional way, you can create an impressive appeal on PC’s and smartphones. It builds brand reputation and earns you leads in return.

Cost Effective

Gone are the days when sales and promotion opportunities required big fat budget. With digital marketing, even the smallest businesses can promote themselves through low budget campaign. It is the most cost effective way to give tough competition to businesses in your niche.

Through this marketing channel, total advertising is transparent. Whether you set up advertisement campaign with Google or Facebook, you can demand for a complete track of where was each penny spent online.

Conversion Delivery

Through effective content, digital marketing directly offers you conversion of investment into leads, subscribers and sales. It is the top priority of digital marketers for streamlining campaigns towards conversion optimization.

The best used tools through which you can generate quick and effective interaction for conversion optimization are Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Marketing and Email Marketing. Through these three ways, the achieved results are guaranteed to be more than average.

Generates Better Revenues

There are cases when online marketing has directly converted into revenue. The chance for large and small businesses of earning high revenue remains the same. In fact, you can expect better revenue ratio from digital channel than traditional one and if you feel like your campaign is working well, you can extend the days and boost your ads and let it reach wider audience as per your wish.

Direct Interaction with Target Audience

The response to digital channel is quick as you connect directly with target audience. With their reviews and ratings, you gain even more customers as we know the consumer strategy has changed and everyone will go for those products and services which are positively reviewed by other fellow people.

Earns User’s Trust

The way you advertise for your business makes an impact in user’s mind. Through interactive technique you can gain user’s trust which will turn them into potential customers.

Ensures Venture Survival Online

It is said that the more you make online presence, the more will people remember you. You can bless longevity to your business with the latest techniques of digital marketing which is ultimately beneficial to your venture.

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