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Mobile App Development or Mobile Website: What would you prefer?


It is often confusing for entrepreneurs whether to have a mobile version of their website or they should opt for mobile app development. Both of them are beneficial for the business but there are certain things which are better offered by mobile applications than responsive mobile websites. Let us have a glance over the advantages of apps over mobile websites.

The first and foremost reason to go for apps than sites is that they are very personalized, convenient to use, available at easy access and more importantly, they are engaging. You can stay connected with your users more through apps than mobile version of site.

Offline Access

Nowadays, we observe niches providing offline version of their apps and even lightweight versions too which do not occupy much space in smartphones. When it comes to performing in scenarios when network is weak, it gets challenging for businesses to maintain positive impression by being there with offline access facility.

Though all the functionalities cannot be provided as offline accessibility, but the basic features can obviously be accessed without the need to connect to internet.


Most of the apps are developed with the personalization feature for users. Users can freely utilize your app by customizing its appearance, set their preferences and improve their searches. So, whenever the user opens your app, he will find it very personalized and will gladly perform their desired activities.

Grab Benefit of Push Notifications

Interacting with users is the plus point with mobile app development and you can brilliantly utilize push notifications for the same. Push-notifications can be used anytime to notify users regarding latest offers and it makes users feel you care for them. Through short notifications, users can be kept informed about the stuff you have for them. This was not at all possible with websites previously but it is now available but not everyone is accessing desktop all the time but people are busy all day long with smartphones and hence it is great to keep them notified with what you want.

Use Every Available Mobile Features

Camera, Gallery, Contact List, GPS etc are the features of smartphones which can be easily made available to mobile apps. With mobile version of site, it might cause errors sometimes or takes time to load. It gets fun experience with increased interactivity of applications with users as performance of app is boosted.

Branding and Mobile Marketing Ground Availability

It is like B2C communication where brands can launch their apps exclusively for directly communicating with users. If your brand will provide quality and smoothly functioning apps, you will be recognized more and will ultimately be downloaded more. Also, apps are a great way to determine how users behave with your application as you can track user behavior more effectively than websites.

Designing Freedom

There are no limitations with mobile app designing and development. And when you want to go with Android Application Development, there are boundless options for studding up the app with any kind of features and functionalities you can imagine and even those which are beyond your imagination. You can develop apps customized with appearance and usage.

Rise in Conversion Rate

Websites are required to be surfed or bookmarked while apps are readily accessible on mobile phones. It makes users feel more comfortable to access applications whenever they desire to do so or are in need.

Faster Performing Capability than Websites

Study shows that mobile apps are more responsive than websites which are developed in Javascript. Hence it can be stated that faster loading apps are more convenient than slower loading websites.

Cost Effectiveness and Improvement in Productivity

It is very easy to communicate with users easily and quickly. They are effective at handling and manipulating complex data and production of charts and reports too. The same is difficult to optimize for websites.

So far you have looked up to the benefits of mobile app development, you might be searching for an app development company which can help you boost sales and services with a smoothly performing app. Approach us now and get customized apps designed and developed at competitive rates.


Boost up your Business with Digital Marketing


If online existence of business is lifeline then digital marketing is like blood flow to it. Owning a business without digital marketing is like opening a shop and not letting anyone know. It is inevitable to make your online presence felt though branding and promotion over net. Not only for large businesses, it is equally vital for small and medium businesses too. Even for people who choose to work from home and not have any website or app can earn a large figure just through the medium of advertisement online.

The term digital marketing has evolved to its full extent through the affordable, flexible and customizable approach of SEO and SMO. With proper guidance, your business can excel to new heights and achieve new milestones without making it tough for you to adopt complicated and expensive strategies. Hitting target audience is getting simple and easier so you must not miss the chance of business growth strategy which not only gains you traffic but can convert them into leads.

Online Marketing is more to an investment and less to the expenditure for business owners. Here are the top reasons you must go for it:

Level up your Impression

The main idea of marketing is to appear attractively in the eyes of target audience, regardless of the way it is done, traditional or online. Unlike traditional way, you can create an impressive appeal on PC’s and smartphones. It builds brand reputation and earns you leads in return.

Cost Effective

Gone are the days when sales and promotion opportunities required big fat budget. With digital marketing, even the smallest businesses can promote themselves through low budget campaign. It is the most cost effective way to give tough competition to businesses in your niche.

Through this marketing channel, total advertising is transparent. Whether you set up advertisement campaign with Google or Facebook, you can demand for a complete track of where was each penny spent online.

Conversion Delivery

Through effective content, digital marketing directly offers you conversion of investment into leads, subscribers and sales. It is the top priority of digital marketers for streamlining campaigns towards conversion optimization.

The best used tools through which you can generate quick and effective interaction for conversion optimization are Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Marketing and Email Marketing. Through these three ways, the achieved results are guaranteed to be more than average.

Generates Better Revenues

There are cases when online marketing has directly converted into revenue. The chance for large and small businesses of earning high revenue remains the same. In fact, you can expect better revenue ratio from digital channel than traditional one and if you feel like your campaign is working well, you can extend the days and boost your ads and let it reach wider audience as per your wish.

Direct Interaction with Target Audience

The response to digital channel is quick as you connect directly with target audience. With their reviews and ratings, you gain even more customers as we know the consumer strategy has changed and everyone will go for those products and services which are positively reviewed by other fellow people.

Earns User’s Trust

The way you advertise for your business makes an impact in user’s mind. Through interactive technique you can gain user’s trust which will turn them into potential customers.

Ensures Venture Survival Online

It is said that the more you make online presence, the more will people remember you. You can bless longevity to your business with the latest techniques of digital marketing which is ultimately beneficial to your venture.

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